VISION: to be the leader in the practice of professional nursing in the country.

MISSION: to bring together the latest research with the most current education and translate that into optimal patient care to return the patient to their family and community with maximum potential for health and productivity.


Approximately 2400 Nursing specialists work at the Hospital. More than 90 nurses have completed master studies, 10 with PhD degree and 4 are PhD students.
We are proud to have more than 100 highly qualified midwives. There is a number of certified Nurses in anesthesiology and intensive care; operating room nurses; community nurses and psychiatric nurses in the hospital. Approximately 80 nurses’ mentors every day help develop future health care specialists.
Our nurses are energetic about their profession, enthusiastic about learning and passionate about working toward the common goal of delivering the highest quality of patient care.
The Nursing Coordination Department provides strategic leadership for all nursing and other designated patient care functions and services within the hospital organization.


The hospital provides both general and specialized nursing care to its patients on a 24 hour basis. Kauno klinikos is a cutting-edge hospital with a diverse culture that values excellence, innovation, interdisciplinary collaboration, clinical quality and patient care that is upheld by the highest standards of corporate responsibility and nursing practice. Our nursing team is dedicated to the art and science of the profession. Every day we continue on our journey to excellence.


In a continued effort to realize our vision, our entire nursing staff at Kauno klinikos is confident in their abilities – and steadfastly committed to self-improvement and lifelong learning. In cooperation with Lithuanian University of Health Sciences we provide generous continuing education benefits. The hospital also offers our nursing specialists the opportunity to acquire and maintain the skills they need to be the best possible nurse.
Our contribution to nursing is enhanced even more when the students have the benefit of hospital nurses expertise.
Nursing specialists actively participate and lead patient education programs. Currently we have 11 patient education programs approved (for children and adults). These programs provide benefit to the patients and care givers.
We believe the future of nursing is in the synergy between service and education.  We are responsible for educating patients, families, nursing peers, colleagues and students.


Our clinical experts continue to demonstrate high quality care, based on the incorporation of our professional science and interdisciplinary teamwork. Nursing research has successfully facilitated unit-based programs that benefit our patients. We are committed to maintaining and continually improving the safety and quality of nursing care through the ongoing monitoring, evaluation of outcomes and research.
We welcome the challenge of providing high-quality nursing care as members of a leading health care community.