Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kauno klinikos together with Lithuanian University of Health Sciences is guiding the medical research development in Lithuania.  The main goal of Kauno klinikos is to promote the integration between medical care, research and education. Therefore Kauno klinikos is the best platform for translational research   and evidence based patient care – by quickly translating new research ideas from the laboratory to the clinical application.


Kauno klinikos is a unique place in Lithuania, where cooperation of physicians and researchers is possible. More than 1300 Kaunas klinikos employees are involved in clinical research. The physicians are participating in European innovative research & technological development projects in medicine in the result of which, unique biotechnologies are created and/or verified.  For example, physicians of Gastroenterology department of Kauno klinikos in co-operation with the international team of researchers as well as business partners are participating in the project which aims to develop and validate  a portative “Electronic nose“ that can sniff out cancer in breath of patients and thus serve as a basis for early gastrointestinal cancer diagnostics.
Additionally, Kauno klinikos works in close cooperation with the recently opened Centre for the Latest Pharmaceutical and Health Technologies within the Santaka Valley. Within the centre physicians have an open access infrastructure for the implementation of R&D activities and the representatives of Kauno klinikos and foreign science institutions can carry out their activities with business entities. It is expected, that the results of research and experimental development performed in cooperation within the Santaka Valley will be applied in Kauno klinikos clinical practice by implementing new and improving existing treatment and diagnostic methods and using new pharmaceuticals for more effective treatment.
Besides, close cooperation with Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Kaunas klinikos has established the Rare diseases management coordination center. This center consolidates 19 centers for rare diseases. The main peculiarity of center organization is that leading Kauno klinikos physicians are brought together in each center in order to co-operate in rare disease diagnosis and treatment.
Articles published by Kaunas klinikos physicians cover different areas, just to name a few:  epidemiology of inflammatory bowel disease, treatment hepatitis, regulation of fat metabolism and adipose tissue, atherosclerosis, mechanisms of aging, treatment of cardiovascular diseases, inflammation and basal brain functions and etc. Kaunas klinikos physicians are publishing nearly 300 publications every year in international and local medical journals. The physicians of the university hospital present their observations and experimental survey results at international and Lithuanian scientific events.


Kauno klinikos is main clinical basis for education of medical students. Kauno klinikos has more than 400 professors /senior lecturers/lecturers that are active in the clinical environment.
Kauno klinikos works closely with the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences in providing resources for practical training and coordinating its strategic planning in support of medical education. It also provides clinical services and facilities, participates in the training of medical students and other professionals.
Clinical education and training is a crucial and integral part of the work at Kauno klinikos.  Each semester Kauno klinikos receive more than 5000 of students.  The clinical education is conducted in close collaboration not only with Lithuanian university of health, but with other Lithuanian high schools.
Kauno klinikos supervise around 120 PhD students a year. PhD programmes are usually conducted in collaboration with the Lithuanian university of health sciences, and the University is responsible for final evaluation and award of the PhD degree. Each year around 30 PhD students are successfully finishing their PhD studies.


Besides therapeutic and diagnostic activities Kauno klinikos historically holds a strong leadership position in clinical trials among other Lithuanian health care institutions. It has been already more than 20 years as Kauno klinikos are conducting clinical trials. Clinical trials are conducted in all the profile clinics.
In year 2014, 39 new clinical trials were started at Kauno klinikos. Each year Kauno klinikos has more than 120 ongoing clinical trials, which makes Kauno klinikos one of the clinical trial implementation leaders in Lithuania and around 700 physicians and nurses are involved in clinical trial activities.
Analyzing data available on distribution of clinical trials across therapeutic areas, trials in cardiology, rheumatology, gastroenterology and neurology are dominant, followed by trials in endocrinology and oncology.
Within the last 5 years 2010-2013 Kauno klinikos has been contracted by more than 83 different pharmacy companies (directly or via contract research organizations), including trials sponsored by Novartis (18), Merck Sharp & Dohme (10), Sanofi Aventis (9), Roche (8), Amgen (8) and others.
In order to increase the number of clinical trial in 2014 a new Research and Studies Coordination Department was established in Kauno klinikos.  The main aim of the department is to create favorable conditions for implementation of clinical trials and to provide administrative support related to clinical research. The department seeks to be the first point of contact for pharmacy companies that are willing to start clinical trials at Kauno klinikos, and for investigators that wish to participate in clinical trials.