Media relations

Head Austė Aleksandravičiūtė-Šviažienė
Phone +37037326446+37064689474

Communication specialists inform the public about the activities of Kauno klinikos, maintain contacts with internal and external audiences, raise awareness of the name of Kauno klinikos, and work with reputation building.

Media relations performs the following functions:

  • Prepares and publishes information on the activities of Kauno klinikos, ensures its constant flow through various communication channels
  • Supports media relations
  • Organizes events for the media
  • Provides information about Kauno klinkos for information publications, catalogs
  • Coordinates the Kauno klinikos website and the information it contains
  • Involved in publishing the Ave vita newspaper for LSMU and Kauno klinikos communities
  • Coordinates communication in crisis situations
  • Collects and analyzes information about Kauno klinikos that has appeared in the media
  • Prepares and collects visual material about Kauno klinikos
  • Organizes occasional events and actions related to Kauno klinikos
  • Take care of internal communication, informing employees about key events and decisions, innovations

Senior specialist Ieva Jankauskienė
Phone +37037327446+37068496609

Specialist Vilius Kazlauskas
Phone +37037326446+37065516045