Head – Prof. Virginija ADOMAITIENĖ, MD, PhD
Address: Eivenių Str. 2, LT-50161, Kaunas
Phone: +370 37 326870
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Department of Psychiatry provides mental health care services for in- and out-patients. Specialists from this Department consult patients who receive treatment in other Departments. All the doctors working within the Department work with out-patients as well as in-patients.


- Sector of border line state
- Sector of affective disorders
- Sector of differential diagnosis and treatment resistant state
- Sector of somato - psychiatry
- Sector of Child and adolescent psychiatry
- Clinical psychologists
- Diagnostic and treatment
- Psychopharmacotherapy, family consulting, psychosocial rehabilitation, individual and group psychotherapy, light therapy, arts therapy. Patients with somatic illnesses are consulted by different specialists.


Integration of psychiatry in general medicine – problem recognition and situation management.


During period of 2006–2012 Department of Psychiatry has organized 54 scientific conferences including 7 international conferences.