Hospital of Oncology

Head assoc. prof. Saulius Grižas, MD, PhD
Address: Volungių Str. 16, LT-45434, Kaunas
Phone: +37037346090

The Hospital of Oncology was founded in 1947. It became a part of the Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health in 2006. Thus, the hospital staff is not only involved in the clinical work but is also actively engaged in research and education activities of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.
The Hospital of Oncology provides diverse care for the patients with malignant and benign tumors, including diagnostics, curative treatment and palliation. In an outpatient section, benign and malignant cases of cancer are diagnosed and treated. Patients are seen by experienced oncologists (surgeons, gynecologists, otolaryngologists, urologists, chemotherapists, radiotherapists, radiologists, hematologists, pulmonologists and anesthesiologists). To confirm the diagnosis of the disease, cytology tests, biopsies, endoscopic examinations, ultrasonic testings, X-rays, computed tomographies and radioisotopic tests are performed.
Curative treatment options include the most advanced surgical techniques, modern chemotherapy and radiation therapy regiments. Outpatient surgeries are performed twice a week.
The first oncology palliative care unit in Lithuania was also established in the Hospital of Oncology.