Head dr. Lina Poškienė
Address: Eivenių Str. 2, LT-50161, Kaunas 
Phone: +37037326405

An integrated work of pedagogical, diagnostic and scientific research activites is practiced in the Department of Pathology of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Hospital Kauno klinikos.
More than 35 000 specimens of surgical and biopsy material and about 60 000 cytological specimens are analyzed in addition to more than 100 autopsy examinations are performed in the Pathology Department. The specimens of surgical and biopsy material from the Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kauno klinikos are examined as well as from the other establishments of Health Care system.
There is a museum of more than 2000 macroscopic preparations in the Department of Pathology. The museum cares for collection of histological slides with routine staining and additional specific histochemical, immunohistochemical, and in situ hybridization reactions are formed. As a result, the deeper comprehension of pathological processes and structural changes of the diseases is achieved in addition to a better understanding of the possibilities of modern pathology diagnostics.
Modern technologies of pathological diagnostics are applied in the Department‘s routine practice with a purpose to fit the increasing quality requirements of both diagnostic tests and treatment. All the equipment of the Department corresponds to the present worldwide standards. The application of both - routine histological and specific histochemical staining is used in routine diagnostical practice in addition to an increased use of the immunohistochemical reactions. There is a progressive increase of the molecular reactions application are valuable for the present diagnosis identification and for decisions associated with the individual treatment.
Pathologists observe structural changes of the tissues by using modern optic microscopes combined with recording equipment.
More attention is focused to the prevention programs of colorectal, cervical, breast and prostate cancer.
All the histological specimens are stored according to the standards of pathological examination (over 10 years), therefore all of them are available for a re-evaluation or additional examination.
Co-workers of the Departments actively participate in the development of the legal basis that regulate the activities of the Lithuanian Pathology service and the quality of the pathological

The pathologists – professors of the Pathology Department participate in executing integrated researches of disease diagnostics, treatment and prognosis (modern pathology diagnostics is an important element of these studies) according to their particular field of specimens analyzed, including cerebral neoplasia, neoplastic and non-neoplastic morphological changes of lungs, breast, cervic, gastrointestinal tract, liver, skin and other systems in the organism, by applying modern diagnostic methods of pathology (molecular and gene expression in a protein level). Visual analysis methods are becoming more popular in clinical practice of diagnostics.