Head orof. Kristina Lopatienė, MD, PhD
Address: J. Lukšos-Daumanto Str. 6, LT-3009, Kaunas
Phone: +37037387560
E-mail: kristina.lopatiene@kaunoklinikos.lt

The mission of the Department of Orthodontics is to provide education and serve as clinical center in the field of orthodontics, to be a leader in contemporary research and patient care. The Department of Orthodontics offers high quality care in a convenient setting. The facilities include a modern orthodontic clinic and orthodontic equipment laboratory for appliance construction and plaster work, a reception and waiting area, a computer and data-processing room, premises for clinical photography, a seminar room and an auditorium. Patients are treated using contemporary and advanced techniques under strict infection control guidelines.

The modern orthodontic diagnostic and treatment techniques are used in everyday practice. The diagnostics of malocclusion include clinical assessment, radiological examination using orthopantomography, lateral head x-ray, computer tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. 3D laser scanning of the face and dental models is helpful for treatment planning and simulation of the final results. The patients data analysis and treatment planning is performed using computerized “Dolphin imaging system”.
We accept patients having all types of malocclusions, ranging from very simple to extremely complex conditions. To treat skeletal jaw disharmonies our Department has developed very close working relationship with the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery. The average admission is about 800 new patients per year.
The research profile of the Department is centered on assessment of the relative contribution of genetics/environmental factors on facial morphology and occlusion with the twin method and application of digital and 3D technologies for the diagnostics, treatment planning and appliance design in orthodontics.