Laboratory Medicine

Head prof. Astra Vitkauskienė, MD, PhD
Address: Eivenių Str. 2, LT-50161, Kaunas
Phone: +37037326265

The Department of Laboratory Medicine was established in 2009. It originated from the Laboratory service, which had been founded in 1940 at Kaunas University Hospital. The activities of the Department of Laboratory Medicine are focused on integration of clinical diagnostics, education and research according international standards.
The main aims of the Department of Laboratory Medicine are to ensure needs and expectations of patients and clinicians in laboratory diagnostics, providing comprehensive list of laboratory tests, high quality results with accompanying competent consultative support – for diagnosis, early detection of diseases, monitoring of their course or treatment effectiveness, prevention of diseases. Specialists working in the Department share their knowledge and innovation of laboratory medicine with students, residents, master degree Ph.D. students and specialists from other fields.

  • to provide high quality service of laboratory medicine;
  • to ensure implementation, operation and continuous improvement of quality management system according to international quality standards;
  • to participate in external quality assessment schemes;
  • to ensure competent, confidential and timely diagnostic service – to offer a comprehensive list of laboratory tests with accompanying consultative support;
  • to communicate to health care practitioners for proper resolving of laboratory medicine problems and questions;
  • to ensure high quality service in education of medical students, residents, master degree, Ph.D. students and advanced training of medical specialists;
  • to ensure research activity and contribution in interdisciplinary research.

The staff of Department of Laboratory Medicine actively acts in educational and research fields. Laboratory medicine physicians, medical biologists and technicians give lectures, organize seminars, practical courses – transfer their knowledge in laboratory medicine to medical students, residents, master degree students in medicine and participants of advanced training courses.

The research topics of the Department of Laboratory Medicine are mostly oriented to applied research – practical application of science in medical clinical practice, related to bacterial pathogenicity factors and their influence on the diseases course, nosocomial infections problem, resistance to antimicrobial treatment, comprehensive diagnostics of hematology/ oncology diseases.
During the period of 2010–2014 the members of Department of Laboratory Medicine have published more than 170 scientific papers, 30 of them are cited in the list of Institute of Scientific Information.