Research and studies coordination department

 Head prof. Žemyna Milašauskienė 
 Phone +37037326411









Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kauno klinikos together with Lithuanian University of Health Sciences is guiding the medical research development in Lithuania.  The main goal of Kauno klinikos is to promote the integration between medical care, research and education. Therefore Kauno klinikos is the best platform for translational research   and evidence based patient care – by quickly translating new research ideas from the laboratory to the clinical application .

Senior specialist Vaida Čekanavičienė
Phone +37037326467

Gailė Venclovienė
Tel. +37037326467
El. p.

Senior specialist Eglė Karinauskė
Phone +37037326467

The aim of the department is to ensure reliable and quality coordination of clinical medicinal products and other research and studies.

The most important tasks:

  • Coordinate clinical trials and other research activities and participate in the design, implementation, and administration of transparent clinical trials
  • Collaborate with clinical drugs and other research customers who want to conduct scientific projects with Kauno klinikos
  • Initiate a research value with a practical value for improving the performance of Kauno klinikos and increasing employee motivation


  • Coordinates the acceptance, registration, and acceptance of accepted applications and relevant documentation of clinical applications and other applications for biomedical research and related documentation to investigators
  • Coordinates reception, registration, contracting, and signing and transfer of requests for medical and non-medical personnel interviews at Kauno klinikos
  • Represents Kauno klinikos on issues related to the coordination and organization of ongoing clinical medicinal products and other biomedical research and studies
  • Organizes meetings of heads of profile clinics at Kauno klinikos in order to familiarize them with new legislation related to clinical medicinal products and other biomedical research in order to ensure their proper and uniform application, solve problems and share practical work experience.
  • Within its competence, draft documents based on official orders or resolutions of the Director General of Kauno klinikos or area directors, standard procedures for the investigation of clinical medicinal products, regulation of acceptance of clinical trial documentation, and signing of contracts
  • Represents the department on issues related to ongoing activities at national and foreign institutions and organizations
  • Advises employees of Kauno klinikos Unit Departments on the preparation of clinical medicinal products and other biomedical research documentation and procedures
  • Advises employees of Kauno klinikos departments, students as well as Ph.D. candidates that need medical or non-medical staff surveys and voluntary practice organization
  • Carries out other non-permanent directorship and development assignments related to the department's functions