Head prof. Mindaugas Jievaltas, MD, PhD
Address: Eivenių Str. 2, LT-50161, Kaunas 
Phone: +37037326090
E-mail: urologijos.klinika@kaunoklinikos.lt

Department of Urology is the part of the Hospital of LUHS Kauno klinikos. Experienced doctors urologists work here. Urology Department has 35 beds. Annually about 1,700 patients are treated; about 1,800 operations and about 30-40 kidney transplantations are performed.
The most important clinical activity fields: oncourology, transplantology, plastic and reconstructive urology, kidney stone treatment and prevention, andrology, minimally invasive surgical techniques in urology. Laparoscopic renal surgeries are performed since 2005.
All transurethral surgeries are performed: resection of the prostate due to benign prostate hyperplasia, bladder tumors resection, uretrotomies and others. Minimally invasive procedures are performed: renal artery embolization, percutaneous nephrostomy, retrograde and anterogradeinner gonadal vein sclerotherapy, laparoscopic v. testicularis ligation, v.v. epigastral-testicular junction. Kidney stones are treated with modern techniques: endoscopic surgery is performed (ureteroscopy and percutaneous nephrolithotripsy with flexible or rigid instruments); extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy. The Departments members are actively involved in „Prostate cancer early detection program“.

Doctors of Urology department are active members of Lithuanian and European urology associations, are involved in activities of Lithuanian Society of Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation, Lithuanian Association of Urogynecology.