Immunology and Allergology

Head prof. Brigita Šitkauskienė, MD, PhD
Address: Eivenių street 2, LT-50161
Phone: +37037326941 

Department of Immunology and Allergology was officially established in 2016. However, studies in the field of allergy and immunology in the University of Kaunas were initiated already in the early beginning of XX century and were related to prof. Vladas Lasas experimental works in anaphylaxis. Establishment of Sector for Clinical Immunology and Allergology in 2002 in Kaunas University Hospital was a significant event, which set up a platform for the growth of speciality, leading to the creation of a separate Department.
Department of Immunology and Allergology consists of Outpatient clinic, Day care unit and Laboratory of Immunology. Specialists consult patients of all age groups who are expected to have immune pathology related to allergy or other diseases.
Every year new diagnostic and treatment approaches of immune response in chronic or autoimmune diseases, transplantation, allergen challenge and immunotherapy are introduced. Patients with primary immunodeficiencies have been diagnosed and treated since 1999. In 2012 Centre of Primary immunodeficiency was established. This centre belongs to the international Jeffrey Modell network and is involved in Orphanet ( database.

Our priority – multidisciplinary projects investigating innovative concepts and critical gaps in the pathogenesis of chronic diseases in order to increase the knowledge of immune mechanisms of these diseases. Ongoing research is focused on the translational aspects with integration of data from immunological evaluation of allergen-induced airway inflammation with clinical data and on the identification of biomarkers and molecular targets in order to pave the way for better diagnostics and improved individualised treatment of related diseases. A more detailed understanding of relationship between structural elements of immune system and their role in the overall function in inflammation is important for the development of new therapeutic approaches.
Allergologists and clinical immunologists working in Kaunas Clinics during the last 15 years have written more than 200 articles published in journals with high impact factor and prepared 2 teaching books.
The most recent studies:

  • Evaluation of allergen-induced T cell and eosinophil responses
  • Distribution of γδ and other T-lymphocyte subsets in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases
  • Analysis of immune response in different asthma phenotypes in relation to polymorphisms of proteasomal genes PSMA6, PSMC6, and PSMA3
  • Evaluation of infiltrating patterns of T cells in glioblastoma and other type of cancer
  • Analysis of lymphocyte subsets in patients with respiratory infections, immune defence mechanisms of immunocompromised subjects