Project coordination department

Head Daiva Tirvaitė
Phone: +37037327133










Department functions: 

1. To analyze possibilities of funding of Kauno klinikos activities from the European Union or other funds, to publicize them to the units and to coordinate their actions in order to attract funds of the European Union funds or other financing sources.
2. Coordinate the processes of project planning, application compliance, selection and preparation for the support of the European Union funds or other sources of financing.
3. To co-ordinate the implementation of projects that have received support from European Union funds or other funding sources, to ensure efficient and appropriate use and administration of funds together with other structural units.
4. Coordinate reporting of implemented projects to responsible authorities.

Project coordinator Giedrė Pacevičiūtė
Phone: +37037787362

Project coordinator Rasa Poderytė
Phone: +37037787362