Students research

The Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kauno klinikos is the largest healthcare institution in Lithuania. Importantly, the university hospital is a relevant scientific research basis where students from different high schools and universities conduct their scientific research projects. The Kauno klinikos applies the highest requirements for the quality of scientific research and oblige all institutional researchers to conduct their research work according to the rights, duties, and responsibilities of the national and international regulations. The initiation and performance of the student’s scientific research work at Kauno klinikos are strictly regulated and therefore must be followed.

Students’ scientific research work at Kauno klinikos can only be initiated when:

1. High School or University approves scientific research work plan and scientific supervisor
2. Bioethics Committee Center of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences issues a signed agreement that scientific research work is in accordance with ethical principles for medical research involving human subjects

Following documents for scientific research work:

1. Request for the research study permission at Kauno klinikos
2. Signed confidentiality agreement
3. Request for medical data from the Medical Statistics Department at Kauno klinikos (for retrospective studies)
4. Request for personal access to hospital information systems

For more information, please contact the Research and Studies Coordination Department at Kauno klinikos
Phone +37037326467